Billboard Agreements

Amplify Outdoor`s mission is to offer a fair billboard rental agreement to all participants. As a family-owned outdoor advertising company, we believe it is important to establish a strong and lasting relationship with the owner. At the end of the lease, it is presumed that the owner of the land intends to remove the billboard and return it to its original state. Be sure to include this requirement in your rental agreement so that you don`t get stuck with a big bill when you enter into the lease. Often this point is overlooked and the landowner is given a vague description of the general area. This could result in a sign blocking the sight lines or using the land by the landowner. Ideally, the lease would provide a detailed overview of the exact location of the expected billboard. If another site is required due to shingles or administrative restrictions, both parties should have the right to authorize the new site. Also, if the location would be welcome a digital billboard, then the rent and terms of a billboard rental contract would be greater.

There are accidents. The purpose of insurance is to provide rest and a financial solution in the event of an accident. The lease agreement should require Billboard to maintain adequate insurance and designate the owner of the land as additional insured in the policy. So if you own a property on a busy roadside, you are much more likely to increase rents and get a better lease for billboards. Three factors must be considered in determining the value of a billboard lease. You can find them below. The upgrade or potential of commercial rates related to the billboard would be taken into account. Amplify would pay all the rates and taxes related to the structure, it is not a cost that we pass on to the owner. Many leases will bring a great deal of relief to The Billboard company on the whole package to access the sign.

This can cause problems if you then want to sell part of the land or build a building on part of the land. The best method is to clearly identify the location of any access facilities and at least provide that the landowner has the option, at his sole discretion, to change the location of the ease of access with notification to the billboard company, provided that access is not substantially altered or restricted. As with any lessor, it is essential to determine compensation. What happens if the display company does not pay the contractor who placed the sign and registers a construction right on your land? This right of bet could affect your financing and loan commitments. What happens if an advertiser sues you because they claim that their ads were not displayed at the right time or at bad times on the electronic billboard on your property? The lease agreement should include a strict compensation clause requiring Billboard to resolve such legal issues by depriving you of such claims and potential damages. Imagine that you have leased land to someone who is going to build and maintain billboards, and now the billboard owner wants to know if you are making electricity available to turn it on. A Billboard lease defines all the tricky terms of your contract. It`s a contract between a Billboard owner and owner. It addresses specific concerns related to the rental of land for the construction or maintenance of a billboard. These include access to the property, power supply and maintenance of the billboard. Other conditions covered by the lease include the requirement for the owner of Billboard to comply with state rules and their liability for billboard taxes. A billboard lease represents the expectations of each party and helps avoid misunderstandings that contribute to a happy ownership relationship between the owner and the poster.