Bodo Agreement Meaning

Under two previous Bodo agreements – the Bodoland Autonomous Council agreement of 1993 and the 2003 agreement with the Bodo Liberation Tigers rebels – the government was this time interested in a comprehensive solution to the Bodo issue, where the central demand for a separate Bodoland state was abandoned once and for all instead of taking appropriate steps to increase the Bodo people. According to the new agreement, «negotiations have been conducted with the Bodo organizations for a comprehensive and final settlement of their claims, while preserving the territorial integrity of the State of Assam.» One of the signatories, Gobinda Basumatary, head of the NDFB, told the writer that it was no longer necessary to ask for his own state, because most of the powers and aspirations of those who aspire to a clean state are provided. But in light of the recent agreement that ends this part of Bodo`s policy, observers might say that this could lead to a new power struggle. «How many people can you stay for?» asked political scientist Sanjib Baruah. – Feb,1993 – Bodoland Autonomous Council (BAC) is created, after the Centre, Assam and ABSU signed a tripartite agreement A new peace agreement was signed on 27 January 2020 between the Indian government and the Government of Assam on the one hand and the Bodoland National Democratic Front (NDFB), the Union all Bodo Students and the United People`s Organization. [13] As part of this agreement, a bodoland territorial region was created, with expanded executive and legislative powers. The Bodoland Territorial Council will have powers in almost all areas defined in the sixth plan of India`s Constitution and its accession will be increased to 60. [14] New districts will be created and the region`s border will be adapted to include areas of Bodo inhabited by neighbouring districts and to exclude uninhabited villages that currently fall under the jurisdiction of the BTC. [15] Bodoland will also have the right to be represented at national sporting and cultural events such as the Indian National Games and the Khelo India Youth Games. [16] The agreement also makes the Bodo language with the writing Devnagri an associated official language of Assam.

On 2 January 2020, the EU government signed the historic Bodo peace agreement with the Bodoland National Democratic Front (NDFB), one of Assam`s dangerous militant groups. The All Bodo Student Union (ABSU), which has long called for the Bodo state, also signed the treaty. The Dwijing Festival, co-hosted by assam`s tourism department, the Assam Tourism Corporation (ATDC) and Bodoland Tourism, is an annual river festival that will take place from December 27 to January 7 in Chirang, Assam. The festival was originally launched by the Bodo community in 2016-2017, entitled «AIE RIVER WINTER FESTIVAL». The great resonance and massive imprint of the first year gave the festival a place in the annual assam holiday calendar.