Can I Be Evicted If I Have A Tenancy Agreement

If you are renting from a private owner, the contract you are probably using is the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement (AST). Under its conditions, owners have the right to recover their property. This can only be done if the owner follows a rigorous procedure and respects the legal details. However, the owner can use a section 21 communication until it expires. Then they must have all the respectable reasons for your expulsion. The lease also becomes a periodic lease, unless otherwise stated in the lease agreement. When a landlord tries to dislodge a tenant and the tenant challenges the eviction, the landlord must prove that there is a good legal reason for the evacuation for the tenant to be forced to evacuate the premises. Tenants can be evacuated either because of their behaviour or when the landlord needs the unit to use it. The property has fallen into disservice because you or someone lives with you. You are responsible for always monitoring the state of the rent.

If you run into problems, you should notify your landlord as soon as possible. You have to make the repairs, but if you don`t report them, it`s not possible. It is also expected that you will take care of daily maintenance and light corrections. Small problems that are not dealt with in time can develop enormously thereafter. If you allow the condition of the property to deteriorate, the owner can evict you. The owner must provide you with a notification and two weeks before starting the legal proceedings. If you are an occupant with basic insurance, your landlord must receive a court order before you can be evicted. They do not have to give you a reason, nor in court. The tenant may not have paid the rent or damaged the property. The housing agreement could have been informal and there would therefore have been no lease, for example if the tenant was previously a friend or partner. All is not lost, as if a landlord wanted to evict his tenant without ANS, so he can attend a trial to explain to the judge why there is no TSA and why he wants to evacuate the tenant.

One of the additional points that owners and brokers should keep in mind in these situations is to take special care to ensure that the notified notification is effective under Section 21.