Collective Labor Agreement Of The Dutch Universities Scale 10

Standardized costs include direct wage costs and a provision for vacation allowance, year-end bonus and employer expenses, as well as other staff costs, regardless of a worker`s actual pay scale. Salary schedules determine the amount of staff costs for grant applications. Sectoral Litigation Scheme for Dutch Universities 2020 Approval of scientific research funding sets out reciprocal commitments for staff members recruited by institutions to conduct research funded by the Dutch Research Council (NWO, Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek). These are based on the collective agreements of the VSNU (for universities) and the NFU (for academic medical centres). The information about the collective agreement provided on this site is not exhaustive, so it is not possible to deduct rights. If you want to read the full text of the Dutch Universities Collective Agreement (NU CAO), you can download it in its entirety or click on the hyperlinks to view the corresponding articles of the OAC. Salary scales depend on your training, level of knowledge and experience. Wage scales are available on the VSNU website (in Dutch) under Salarissen/Premies. Universities and unions have jointly launched a «public-friendly» version of the collective agreement.

This website provides a general overview of the collective agreement and provides a clear overview of the most important information on terms of employment. Zilveren Kruis Group Health Insurance Website (in Dutch) Zilveren Kruis General Health Insurance Website The amount of staff costs can be found in the pay tables of the Association of Universities in the Netherlands (Dutch abbreviation: VSNU). The salary scales were agreed in the «Memorandum of Understanding for the Promotion of Scientific Research» and are based on the collective agreement (Dutch abbreviated: CAD) of Dutch universities. This is why personal development, sustainable employability and the mobility of staff at Dutch universities are of paramount importance. The 2017-2019 version of CLA is available via this link: Compensation and social benefits agreed with trade unions must be recorded in the collective agreement of Dutch universities. The caoNU (the latest version of the collective agreement), valid from January 1, 202o, can be downloaded from the menu on the right. As a UVA employee, you have been assigned an employment profile based on the university job classification (UFO).

Each profile consists of a number of levels with appropriate pay scales. UVA staff members are covered by the collective agreement of the Dutch universities (CAO NU). The collective agreement of the Dutch universities (CAO NU) applies to all direct workers of the University of Amsterdam. UVA has also introduced a number of additional regulations and regulations on topics such as educational institutions and additional holiday options. For student assistants, UVA has specific rules on the duration and scope of their appointment. For more information, see the regulations below and articles 10.1 to 10.4 of the OAC. The total remuneration for the use of researchers/scientists depends on the nature of the researcher (for example. B the doctoral researcher or a senior researcher), the length of the appointment (years and months) and whether the position is full-time or part-time. For staff who wish to prepare for another job or who wish to work on their professional development, the university proposes a number of provisions, such as programs. B training and development, sabbaticals for university staff, study leave, development days and allowances to cover study costs.