Fhwa Grant Agreement

The following clauses are included in deeds that result in or register the transfer of real estate, structures or improvements or that grant interest from the United States in accordance with the provisions of the Special Insurance Statement 4:1. The legal authority. The recipient confirms that he has the legal authority to apply for the grant and to finance and implement the proposed project in his technical application; that a resolution, request or similar measure has been duly adopted or adopted or adopted as an official act of the recipient`s governing body, which authorizes the filing of the application, including all consents and assurances contained in it, and which instructs the person identified as the official representative of the recipient and authorizes action in relation to the notification and provide the necessary additional information. «taxation,» an unpaid federal tax debt that has been challenged, for which all legal and administrative remedies are exhausted or have been exhausted and which is not paid in a timely manner under an agreement with the appropriate authority for the collection of the tax debt. The specific assurances that must be included in the tiger 2016 discrete subsidy agreement for GJ 2016 by one of the above laws, regulations or circulars are included in the agreement by reference. During any period during which you are subject to the requirement under paragraph 1 of this contracting period, you must report the SAS procedural information for the last five years, either to report new information about procedures that you have not previously notified, or to confirm that no new information is to be reported. Recipients who receive federal contractual, financial and cooperation bonuses worth more than $10,000,000 must disclose all criminal, civil and administrative proceedings information every six months. The recipient provides this assurance in return for and for the obtaining of federal grants, loans, contracts, agreements, real estate and/or rebates, or other federal and financial assistance, which were renewed to recipients after the date of this assistance from the U.S. Department of Transportation under the 2016 PROGRAM of DISCRETES GRANTS TIGER. This insurance is mandatory for the recipient, other beneficiaries, sub-recipients, subcontractors, subcontractors and their subcontractors, takers, beneficiaries and all other participants in the TIGER Discretionary Grants Program 2016. If funds other than those used by the federal government to influence or attempt to obtain a public servant or agency employee, of a Member of Parliament, a Member of Congress or a member of Congress under this contract, grant, loan or grant contract, or are paid to a person, the sub-signed must complete the standard LLL form (Rev. 7-97), «Disclosure of Lobbying Activities,» in accordance with its instructions and mailing.

5. Minimum wage rate. It includes, in all contracts of $2,000 for work related to projects funded under this agreement, minimum wage setting provisions set by the Minister of Labour, in accordance with the amended Davis Bacon Act (40 U.C S. 3141, s.3141, and 23 United States respectively. C 113, which contractors must pay to skilled and unskilled workers, and these minimum rates must be indicated in the tender and included in job proposals or offers. When a recipient and the state DOT, when acting as a gifted agent for the recipient, are in a state that has already adopted SMS legislation during the journey, the legislation of that state and the requirements of this paragraph do not apply to this agreement or are part of that agreement.