Global Access Agreement

The Foundation`s commitment to innovation goes beyond the development of new technologies and focuses on developing more effective ways to communicate these innovations to the poorest. «None of these innovations will make a difference if they don`t reach the people we`re talking to,» Wilder said. «We need to plan for the introduction and introduction of new products. It`s not magic. To ensure that our work is part of a coherent package, we take a more integrated and holistic approach to achieving the final effect, from discovery to delivery,» he said. «Part of this restructuring is to implement a new IP management system to better track relevant access obligations, licenses and PIs.» You manage and manage the project and the sustained developments in order to guarantee overall access. Your global access commitments will survive the duration of this agreement. «sustained developments,» products, services, processes, technologies, materials, software, data, other innovations and intellectual property that result from the project (including modifications, improvements and developments in the background technology). «Basic Technology» refers to all products, services, processes, technologies, materials, software, data or other innovations and intellectual property created by you or by a third party before or outside the project that are used in the project. «Global Access»: (a) the lessons learned from the project and the information from it are quickly and widely disseminated; and (b) funded developments are made available and accessible to the poorest people in developing countries at an affordable price, or (ii) in support of the U.S.

education system and public libraries, to the extent that this applies to the project. For all programmatic investments, the agreement sets specific global access requirements for milestones, reporting obligations and associated bid dates. If you have any questions about Global Access requirements, please contact the Program Officer or the legal team representative who works with the program.