Grant Agreement H2020 Italiano

Version 4.0 of Horizon`s Model Grant Agreement (MGA) was published 2020.In Article 6.2 of the expected changes to the eligibility of contracts. and research grants. The Commission also sends a communication to all beneficiaries of the current grant agreements as well as to communications in preparation (CAP) containing two explanations confirming the retroactivity of certain articles. The main changes that can be applied retroactively to grants signed with the previous version, 6 Repayment Rates Maximum Repayment Rates Research and Technology Development Activities () Demonstration Activities Other Activities A project – A rate for Research Actions Network of Excellence Cooperation Project Coordinating and supporting actions 50% 75% () 50% 75% () 100% 50% 100% 100% () Research and development are a scientific coordinator. (**) For beneficiaries belonging to public non-profit organizations, companies with complementary and superior organizations, research organizations and SMEs. (***) Reimbursement of eligible indirect costs for coordination and support measures can reach a maximum of 7% of eligible indirect costs, with the exception of eligible direct subcontracting costs and resource costs made available by third countries that are not used on recipient sites. (****) They include the search for the benefits of different groups (especially SMEs) for all beneficiaries and activities under the grant. Defined in the work programme: up to 100% of eligible costs for research plans; Up to 70% for innovation plans (excluding non-profit organizations that can have up to 100%) 12 Duration and start date of the permanent action: in months, Fixed by Article 3 BIS beginning date: founded by art. 3 GA, usually on the first day of the month Default: the month following entry into force Only if justified: date set General rule: after the effective date Exceptionally: between the date of the application for grant and the effective date 33 Intellectual property rights – III Transfer and exclusive (exclusive) authorisations outside the Union/associated countries The grant agreement could provide for a right of objection, where the recipient has received financial aid from the EU Specific provisions for specific measures and according to certain models The SME instrument In order to accelerate growth processes in the European and global markets of companies and innovative start-ups, it targets small and medium-sized enterprises.

Companies can only apply for grants or a «mixed financing application» which provides, in addition to the financing of the grant (between 0.5 and 2.5 million euros per company), equity financing. [15] Horizon 2020: Ways to promote consumer energy efficiency Marina Varvesi Diploma in Chemistry Occupational Experience: Autonomous United Nations Body NCP Italian for den PQ Expert Horizon 2020 (In Italian Horizon 2020[2][2]) is a European Commission support programme, Executive Body of the European Union to support and promote research in the European Research Area (ERA).