Loyalty Card Merchant Agreement

13.1 Stamp Media, while trying to verify the data of a registered member, does not guarantee the veracity or accuracy of this data. Stamp Media assumes no responsibility for the suitability of registered members who respond to corporate loyalty bonus programs. 1.2 Corporate loyalty bonus programs will only be live in the app if the company has approved all the information, its offer and its logo/symbol/image via the portal or written communication. This duty of confidentiality does not apply to (a) information in the public domain without fault on the part of the recipient party; (b) information disclosed to the party receiving or held by the party receiving without breach of the confidentiality of the receiving party or a third party; (c) information independently developed by the receiving party without using the confidential information of the revealing party; (d) the information that must be disclosed in order to comply with applicable law; and (e) AppCard`s use and publication of aggregated statistics on the loyalty programs we support, including the Merchant Loyalty Program. 1.5 Stamp Media may, at any time, without company notification, make changes to the corporate loyalty bonus programs that are necessary to meet applicable legal or security requirements and determine at its sole discretion how the changes are applied. Communication between Merchant and AppCard can use electronic means. For contractual purposes, Merchant (a) agrees to receive communications from AppCard in electronic form and (b) agrees that all conditions, agreements, communications, communications and other communications that AppCard makes available to you electronically meet all legal requirements that would be met if written down. Presiding over it remains without prejudice to the legal rights of the trader. Companies that participate in Jayu Services and offer Jayu services are responsible for designing and describing each bonus program. All rewards, incentives, deals or promotions defined by participating resellers through Jayu Services must be honored if they are properly redeemed by a customer. To interact with a participating company, you need to download the Jayu mobile app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Once you`ve been downloaded to your mobile device, simply enter the creation of a participating company for automatic point recording. You can check rewards, promotions, offers and other offers by opening the Jayu app on your mobile device.

17.1.1 The Company does not pay for loyalty payment programs provided by Stamp Media pursuant to an agreement between Business and Stamp Media and these terms and conditions of sale; Jayu and the company that provides you With Jayu Services explicitly disclaim any liability and are not liable for losses or damages resulting from interaction between you and a reseller that can be accessed through the service. All issues, including, but not limited to the delivery of goods and services, returns and guarantees, and the security of purchase transactions made, are exclusive and strict between you and the trader.