Non Piracy Agreement Template

Note that the definition prohibits the former employee from accepting or accepting insurance products from the agency`s clients, not just requesting them. Of course, customers can go where they want to meet their insurance needs. However, if this agreement is properly executed while the client can leave your agency, the former employee cannot NOT become the client`s agent for an agreed period. Clearly, the value of an insurance agency that changes ownership in these circumstances would be minimized. The reason you want to establish the clear and complete «property» of the economy book is to establish and preserve the value of your agency if you need to sell or change the property. This means that you don`t need a competitive agreement with your employees if you never intend to sell it and you don`t expect a residual value of future book management. Of course, it also means that any departure of a producer or duty officer while you are in custody at the agency could affect you far beyond simply looking for a replacement. They could go and market themselves, because they had access to hundreds or thousands of customers with whom they had relationships or access to them while they were employed by you. Of course, when they «steal» confidential information about your client from your files, you may have a cause of action, but not if they simply call the customer and provide them with services based on their knowledge and customer memory. These legal issues include claims for interference in commercial relations, breach of fiduciary duties, defamation, defamation, defamation and defamation (including Internet defamation) and other disputes involving non-compete obligations, non-incentive and non-piracy agreements. We believe that any new worker should sign both agreements as a condition of employment. This is the safest protection for the Agency.

The employee did not have to accept the work if he did not agree to the prohibition of unfair competition as soon as he left the agency. The answer is to change the definition of «non-competition» to eliminate geographic considerations and to include a separate review of «non-counterfeiting» in employment contracts and contracts. In order to protect the Agency, all current employees who deal with customers from a sales or service perspective should also sign competition and non-piracy agreements. However, if this could be considered a further restriction of the worker`s rights, only some compensation can be assured that a court would be deemed appropriate to accept the restriction of the worker`s previous rights.