Nzia Short Form Agreement

This form is available from the New Zealand Incorporated Real Estate Institute and Auckland District Law Society Incorporated DATE: VENDOR: ADDRESS 22 Part D General Conditions D Person or Person: sation, corporate law or not. Practical completion: this means that contract work or a separate part of it has generally been constructed in accordance with the work contract and that at the time of expenditure, the preliminary cost estimate can be used without major inconvenience to the intended objective: an estimate of the projected costs of contract work on the basis of interim project documents. Preliminary Adjudication: Update of the basic cost estimate based on detailed design and documentation documents. This estimate can be accompanied by a quantitative plan. acquisition: the means used to select the contractor and be responsible for the execution of contract work. Project: program: the standing order for each stage of the agreed service and for contract work. Gross cost contract: estimate of the foreseeable cost of contract work on the basis of conceptual documents. s: consultants mandated and paid by the client, which are listed as s in Part C. Services: all drawings and other documents or materials of any kind, including electronic form, drawn up by consultants and/or subcontractors during the implementation of the agreed services.

Sub-advisor: advisors paid by sub-advised consultants and sub-advisors in Part C. Site: land, buildings and other places provided by the client where contract work is to be carried out. Time charges: Fees are calculated by multiplying the hours of service paid by the agreed hourly rate for hourly charges for each service provider. Business day: every calendar day except a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday or a day that falls from December 24 to January 5, both included. NZIA Agreement for s AAS Services 2013 Page 22 of 23 27 calendar guarantee contract G1 warranty contract executed by the guarantor signed by: Name: Name of person, entitled to sign in the presence of witnesses by: Name: Profession: Printing name of the witness authorized to sign the address signed by: Signed by: Name: Name of the person authorized to sign in the presence of witnesses by: Name: Profession: Name of the witness authorized to sign the address: NOTE, if the guarantor is not the assignor, The guarantee contract must be executed by the security giver and the client in the manner required to perform an act.