Ppl International Agreements

The manager, SSU, will advise the initiator of the agreements on the people they need to consult within the UQ. Portfolio or divisional directors, Executive Deans and Directors of Research Institutes must follow this procedure, including in the exercise of their relevant receiving authorities with respect to the proposals and agreements of the International Agreement. For faculty institutes, the competent receiving authority is Executive Dean. The International Agreements team facilitates the development of international agreements (subject to this procedure) that formalize international engagement activities and are responsible for: Attention to PPL`s international collection service. Your recordings may be broadcast outside the UK and, if you register your international mandate with us, we may collect these international royalties on your behalf. Any funded research, contract research, network research, research infrastructure, consulting, hospitality grant, intellectual property or research agreements with international suppliers or partners, and where UQ is employed, recipient or distributor of research funds, grants or service fees, is not within the scope of this policy and is subject to research promotion management. applications, scholarships and research policies and consulting firm on employment, internal employment and employment. The International Agreements team, in agreement with legal services, has developed a series of agreements that can be used to respond to the most common forms of cooperation with international partners. Among the common types of cooperation activities provided for in the agreement models, it is a strategic framework for the establishment and follow-up of partnership agreements with international institutions.

The policy is intended to help manage risks to UQ and ensure that UQ`s international activities are consistent with the strategic priorities identified. If you have performed on music recorded outside the UK or control the rights to recorded music, we can help you claim the international representation fees you can collect.