Sample Rental Agreement No Smoking Clause

I only do months a month, so if they get caught smoking, I cancel them. It is forbidden to smoke substances in the establishment. If smoking on site: 1) Tenant is responsible for all damage caused by smoking, including, but not limited to, stains, burns, odors and removal of dirt; 2) Tenant in violation of this agreement; 3) Tenants, guests and others may be asked to leave the premises; and 4) Tenant recognizes that to remove the smell caused by smoking, the owner can replace the carpet and curtains and paint all the premises, regardless of when they have been cleaned, replaced or repainted. Such measures and other necessary measures have an impact on the return of a surety. Original tenancy or rental agreement: refer to the existing contract that has been established between the landlord and the tenant. The date and name of the lease must be clearly stated. A smoker`s supplement is an additional document added to an existing rental agreement. After the signing, this document will be included in the original agreement. The owner should consider one if the current lease is silent, if smoking is allowed on the premises.

Even if the lease is already signed, a landlord can still ask for a night to sign this document if he is particularly concerned about the use of the substances listed by his tenants. Elsewhere in the agreement, it is stated that the tenant is responsible for the costs of repairing damage caused by fumes or burns from any source, including incense, candles, smoking or chimney. SMOKING BAN POLICY. Tenants, or family or tenants cannot smoke on the premises. These include smoking cigarettes, cigars, whistles or other smokers. This policy is the desire to alleviate (i) the known irritation and effects of second-hand smoke on health; (ii) increased maintenance, cleaning and sanitation costs associated with smoking; and (iii) the increased risk of smoking-related fire. The Tenant recognizes that the adoption of a smoking ban policy by the landlord/agent does not make the landlord/agent the guarantor of the tenant`s health or the smoke-free condition of the premises. Without using this document, tenants can benefit from a lease or lease that is silent on smoking or illegal activities at the federal level. Responsibility: Declare that the tenant will defend the landlord if injuries occur because the tenants have violated the addition and smokes or uses substances by the prohibited agreement.

Just enter into the rental clause: smoking is absolutely forbidden in the house and in the premise. When smoke behaviour is observed, the evacuation process begins. In addition to those listed, I would expressly say not to smoke in the garage or on the «land» itself. Smokers will insist that they have never smoked indoors, standing in the door of your sliding door or garage. And the place will stink. If the options allow, I will not rent at all to smokers. When they stink like smoke, when they come to the show, your belongings smell like smoke when they leave. The big buddies. I use a no-smoking clause that is not so thorough. Mine says that it is not allowed to smoke on the site. I love yours and I will incorporate it into my leases.

This form is often used when the original landlord does not respond to the smoking problem or when the owner is concerned about the owner`s recent use of the premises. Caution: Declare that the tenant loses bail if evidence of smoking tobacco or cannabis or other illicit substances is found in any form in rented or rented premises. «smoking,» inhalation, inhalation, inhalation, incineration or wearing a lit or heated cigar, cigarette or pipe, or other tobacco products or plants lit or heated for inhalation, including hookahs and marijuana, natural or synthetic, in any way or form;