Share Purchase Agreement Swiss Law

With respect to the sale of legal documents by mll, the provisions of Part III, Sections 1, 2, 3 and 5 and Part IV, Section 1.2 of the Terms of Sale of the PartnerVine Platform also apply to such purchases and are therefore included in these Supplier Terms by Reference. These terms and conditions of delivery will amend the usage rights/restrictions provisions set out in Part III, Section 4 of the Terms of Sale of the PartnerVine platform, as follows: The first paragraph will not be amended. The second, third, fourth and fifth paragraphs are replaced by the following provisions: This automated document is powered by Coupa. Coupa created this video to guide you in what happens when you buy an automated document on PartnerVine. It describes how you make a purchase, create a link to the Coupa environment, answer questions, view and download/print your project. Please note that not all ancillary documents necessary for the transfer of shares (declarations of transfer, dissolution of the board of directors, register of shares, etc.) are included in this model. The purchase of this product is subject to the following delivery conditions. The supplier terms below apply to any sale of legal documents for which Meyerlustenberger Lachenal AG (mll) is a seller and your contractual partner. PartnerVine is not your contractual consideration and you have no recourse to PartnerVine with respect to these purchases. However, please note that the use and access to the PartnerVine platform is and remains governed by Parts I, II and IV of the Terms and Conditions of the PartnerVine Platform.

This model assumes that 100% of the shares of a target company are transferred from a seller (intragroup) to a buyer (intragroup) in the form of a limited company. In addition, the agreement assumes that the transaction will be concluded immediately after the signing of the agreement. The financial statements consist of the payment of the purchase price by the buyer and the delivery by the seller of the usual acquisition documents (e.g.B. share certificates or declarations of sale, decision of the board of directors of the target company to obtain the buyer`s approval as a new shareholder, updated share register, etc.).