Sample Separation Agreement New Jersey

Establishing a written separation agreement describing how to treat things fairly until you decide to reconcile or divorce is crucial. Working with a family lawyer to help you through this process really helps protect your rights, your children and your future. At Weinberger Divorce – Family Law Group, our lawyers understand the intricacies of a separation in New Jersey and the questions you may have about your next steps. That`s why we offer a free first consultation. Tell us. Together, we will discuss your specific situation and check all your legal possibilities. Filing a divorce can be a long and costly process that often takes more than a year. And many couples facing marital problems seek a less extreme solution than a total divorce. Fortunately, there are other options in New Jersey. If you are not sure you want a divorce, then you should check if you want to execute a separation contract with your spouse. The wife discovered that the husband was having an affair and asked a lawyer to design a marriage contract.

The lawyer sent the agreement to her husband and let her know that he had the right to seek advice from his own lawyer before signing it. The agreement gave the woman sole custody of the couple`s three children. It provided that the husband would be on parental leave on alternative weekends and if the parties had agreed. The separation contract should also cover what happens if the couple does not reconcile during the separation period. You should remember that while a healthy break can help your marriage, you should not neglect your children and your financial fortune during separation, even if you see a marriage counselor. In New Jersey, the concept of «legal separation» does not technically exist, unlike other states. In practice, this means that you and your spouse are free to declare separately without having to include the courts. You can work with your spouse and say, «We are going to have this trial separation for a period of time, maybe six months. I`ll live here, you`ll get an apartment, and we`ll split the bills that way.

We will take care of the children in this particular way. We will put in place some sort of visiting plan, «or some other way, have some kind of support agreement, then see if you want to move on to the next step towards a divorce, or finally to arrange your wedding. Many people do, and they are faithful to the final conditions of their separation, if you will.